NutShell Software

The Less Techie You Are, The More You'll Love It!TM

"A lack of systems around business growth can cause you to send mixed messages to the universe." -- Fabienne Frederickson

What message are you sending?

Say YES to the Universe!

So You Get More Clients, Have More Time and  
Live the Life of a RockStar Coach!

Is This You?

Your heart's desire is to use your unique gifts and talents to help others. You feel this calling so strongly that you made the decision to step out into the world as a solopreneur. You understood from the beginning that when you follow your heart and use Law of Attraction to bring ideal clients to you, your business will thrive.

But something is "off". Something is not working. Even though you've spent valuable time and money learning the right strategies and techniques to get clients and create abundance, you are still frustrated and overwhelmed.

Your success, fulfillment and abundance is just not showing up in the fullness that you thought it would.

You are in the right place if you experience any of the following: 

  • You find yourself struggling to get clients and have trouble getting people to say "Yes" to working with you
  • You feel overworked and overwhelmed about all the details that are required of you in your business
  • You find yourself wasting time looking for documents and resources
  • Your days are stressful because you're constantly feeling behind
  • You often strain to remember what steps to take when you get a new client and continuously "recreate the wheel"
  • You are in the dark about your money situation and that worries you
  • You feel intimidated at the idea of dealing with your taxes
  • You scramble to meet deadlines and find things slipping through the cracks

Bottom Line:

Instead of feeling joyful in your business, you find yourself 

Stressed Out and Still Struggling to Get Clients​

In addition to being downright uncomfortable, your stress and struggle stops the Universe from supporting you. When you're stressed out, you send big NO signals to the Universe!

What if you could simplify?

What if just a few simple steps make your business run like a well-oiled machine

What if the stress disappeared?

What if you start sending YES signals to the Universe?!

I'll show you how to simplify and get organized with the help of NutShell, the 
Super Simple Software that gets top coaches organizedTM

NutShell is so easy to use, the less techie you are, the more you'll love it!TM

With your business organized and in flow, your sense of ease will allow you to attract ideal clients.

The client-getting strategies you've been struggling with will begin to attract the clients and abundance you've been asking for. You'll enjoy yourself in your business and feel productive, abundant and fulfilled.

You'll learn a super easy way to track your money - so easy, you don't even need a bookkeeper. So easy, in fact, you'll love it even if you aren't a numbers person!

EACH of your clients will feel fully served and pampered when you remember every detail about their personal info, goals and session notes. They'll be impressed when you consistently follow up with them. Each one will feel they are your most important client. Yet, you'll accomplish all this with a just few mouse clicks. Very easy!

You'll stand out in the crowd when you remember to follow up with people that you'd like to work with. Nobody does this! Yet, you don't have to do the remembering. NutShell will take care of that for you.

I'll help you create simple routines to use throughout your day. You'll know exactly what to do in situations that currently confuse or overwhelm you. We'll lay out simple steps that will put you back in control. Your simple routines will assist you in serving your clients, and make it easy to build a team that will support you!

Say YES to the Universe!

With NutShell's organization and simple routines, your business flows like clockwork.

You feel calm and relaxed.

Your sense of ease sends big YES signals to the Universe 
so clients and abundance flow easily to you.

Here's What You'll Get

NutShell Software

Use NutShell on your computer for the entire year. NutShell software is the central spot where all the info about your business is stored. With everything in one place, you’ll put your hands on the info you need with just a few mouse clicks.

Easily find client notes in seconds. Your clients will feel loved, cared for and supported when they see that you remember every little detail about their needs and challenges - without even trying!

With NutShell's assistance, you'll surprise and delight clients and potential clients by staying in touch with them. You’ll impact them in a way nobody else does.

Use an easy, easy method to track your money. Even if you aren’t a numbers person, you’ll like it. Your tax pro will too!

NutShell was designed specifically to be super simple. If you aren't techie, aren't a numbers person or you just want software that's simple and easy, NutShell is the perfect software for you!

You Also Receive:

Unlimited Coaching

$4,000 Value

This is an unbelievable, unheard of way to get coaching! You get as much access to expert guidance as you can ask for, for the entire year.

No matter what you’re working on, whether it’s using NutShell, laying out a simple routine or creating your follow up strategy, you’ve got ready assistance in your back pocket.

As the creator of a successful business, you face many challenging topics every day. With your unlimited coaching sessions, getting organized is just the beginning of the magic we'll create together.

We'll help you to:  

  • Use NutShell to get organized and create simple routines so your business flows like clockwork
  • Build your list and attract clients
  • Write copy to get the best possible results from your marketing
  • Master your mindset so you'll get out of your own way as you create massive success in your business.

Step by step as you grow your business, all you have to do is ask for help via phone or email, and you’ll get it.

End the struggle in your business!

Done-For-You Resources

$8,000 Value

Nothing is quite as intimidating as a blank screen when you need to write a promotional email or ask for a testimonial.

Exactly what words to use? How to get your message across professionally AND effectively? Challenges like this lead to procrastination and then important tasks don't get done.

Checklists, templates, worksheets and email copy are provided for you. Just customize for YOUR business, send and you're done!

  • ​Copywriting templates for your email campaigns, freebies, opt-in pages and sales pages
  • New client forms, such as Coaching Agreement, Intake Form and Confidentiality Agreement
  • Coaching Session Worksheets
  • Referral Request letter, Testimonial Request letter
  • Declined Payment email copy
  • Potential JV partner script
  • Email Promotion Campaign templates
  • Post Event Potential Client follow up email
  • Webinar checklist
  • And more...

Unlimited Tech Support

$1,000 Value

You'll have Unlimited Tech Support the entire year.

You don’t need to be a techie to use NutShell, but we are your backup plan. If you experience anything that you don’t know how to handle, we’ve got your back.

You can even choose to have us set up the software for you and guide you as you take your first steps!

Unlimited Software Upgrades

$2,000 Value

We constantly upgrade NutShell and add new features, while staying true to our core value of keeping it simple.

You'll receive all upgrades released during the entire year.

You won't have to do a thing - your NutShell will upgrade itself automatically!

Private Forum For Additional Coaching, Community and Support

$750 Value

You’ll be invited into a private forum where you’ll be able to interact with other members as you share ideas, support and create community.

We’ll be there too, to answer your questions between your coaching appointments in order to keep your movement forward and the momentum alive!

"Being able to be more organized with NutShell, and to have things in one spot, makes my energy level much higher, and when my energy level is higher, the whole world seems to get easier. People around me start getting nicer!

It really is awesome!

And, when my energy level is higher, because I’m not stressing about where to find the welcome letters and the forms and whatnot that I want to send to new clients, (I have it all in NutShell), I can  help my clients move ahead very, very quickly, which is always fantastic to see.

I'm getting more clients because my energy level is higher. I’m not worried about it all the time.

NutShell has been a life saver for me!"

KaRen Stultz Coach

"Nutshell makes my business run so smoothly. I could not live without it.

When I think of the first 2 years that I did my end of year tax paperwork by hand, I shudder! Thanks Linda!"

Tracy Magnan Entrepreneur

Special Bonuses!



Bonus #1

Half VIP Days (2)

$5000 Value

In your half VIP Days (2 of them!), we'll roll up our sleeves and get to work organizing your office and your work day.

We'll also clean up any nagging tech issues that slow you down. And we'll get your NutShell software up and running.

We'll have your first half VIP Day right away so you can experience immediate results from our work together.

We'll have your second half VIP Day about half way through the year. We'll take a look at what's working and what needs to be tweaked so that you'll love the easy flow and freedom in your days.

Less time hassling with details frees up more time to spend doing what you love!



Bonus #2

Massive Business Success Planning Session

$500 Value

In this 60 minute session, we'll lay out the plan for our year together to create Massive Success in your business.

We'll start by getting clear about exactly where you want your business and your lifestyle to be 12 months from now.

Then we'll take a look at the inner-game and outer-game issues that get in the way of your goals.

Based on what we discover, we'll create a step by step plan to guide us through the year so we'll be able to stay on track week by week, month after month as you make steady progress toward your ideal outcome.

At the end of the session, you'll have

- A crystal clear vision for your Massive Business Success so you know exactly what you want, where you're headed, and how to get there.

- A plan to handle challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to make changes that last or that are slowing down your progress

- Ensure you leave this session regenerated, rejuvenated and excited about what's possible for you, your business and your clients.


Exclusive VIP Full Pay Bonus

Mega-Marketing Mentor

$8000 Value

You can get all the clients you want doing what you love when you speak to your clients' deepest desires!

When  your business is streamlined, you have time to focus on your clients. Yet, as a business owner, you also need to bring in a steady flow of new clients. 

Imagine knowing exactly what to say and how to say it so that potential clients are not only inspired, but also excited to start working with you.

You can get all the clients you want doing what you love when you speak to your clients' deepest desires!

This allows you to:​

Create a pipeline of clients to fill your practice, programs, services and events.

Easily plan and implement marketing strategies that inspire your tribe to eagerly say Yes! to working with you.

Receive one on one support to plan and write your marketing materials such as email offers, opt-in pages, sales pages, etc., so that you get the results you want in your marketing. 

Have the confidence to put your marketing materials out in the world,  knowing that they're powerfully written and will inspire action.

Love all your marketing. You get unlimited copywriting edits on everything you write. You'll be confident that you're speaking directly to the heart of your ideal client - from your heart to theirs. 

This is exactly what Linda will do for you, step by simple step in this comprehensive one-on-one program for attracting clients AND creating consistent income in your business month after month.

"I didn’t have the time to learn a bunch of systems, and every time I tried it was so complicated and frustrating. NutShell totally changed my life. And it’s not just the bookkeeping part, it’s all the other business aspects, too.

With my hypnotherapy and my coaching, I’m able to put client notes into NutShell, and the next time I have a meeting with them, I just hit a couple of buttons, and all their information is right there in front of me. I don’t have to be looking through files, and trying to figure out what we talked about last time, or any of that – it’s right there!

Everything’s one small, little, easy NutShell! And since I don’t have to worry about looking through different programs and searching for all this information. It just makes my life so much easier,

And I cannot believe how easy it is! That still amazes me!"

Kat Wells CEO and Founder of Kat Wells International
Certified Hypnotherapist, author, Master Coach and Law of Attraction expert

"My husband told me all the programs he was using to organized his business and my eyes glazed over. “Honey,” I said. “I’ve got the program that will do that and a whole lot more!”

I now look forward to entering information and expenses because I don’t have to use a spreadsheet. And, everything I need is in one place.

When Linda says with NutShell, "The less techie you are, the more you'll love it", it's the truth! I'm the posterchild for non techie, and I love it!"

Emily Webber Coach, Married with Romance

"It is such a blessing to have this SUPERB business tool to utilize!

You have the understanding of our business needs, are a very patient, clear, concise teacher who helps us focus and look forward to possibilities. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO."

Glenda Quick Relaxation Specialist

Here's a Summary of What You'll Get

One Full Year Of...

  • One Full Year of NutShell Software installed privately on your own computer

  • One Full Year of Unlimited Coaching
    ($4,000 Value)
  • Done-For-You Resources
    ($8,000 Value)
  • One Full Year of Unlimited Tech Support
    ($1,000 Value)
  • One Full Year of Unlimited Software Upgrades 
    ($2,000 Value) 
  • Private Coaching Facebook Forum to keep you moving forward
    ($750 Value)
  • Total Value : $15,750

  • Bonus #1: Two half VIP Days
    ($5000 Value)
  • Bonus #2: Massive Business Success Planning Session
    ($500 Value)
  • Total Bonus Value: $5,500

  • Exclusive VIP Full Pay Bonus
    Mega Marketing Mentor:
    Unlimited Copywriting and Marketing Support
    ($8000 Value)

Package Value with All Bonuses: $29,250

Special Offer for a Limited Time!

4 Monthly Payments


Full Pay

$300 Savings

NutShell runs on any version of Windows: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP

NutShell also runs on Apple computers. 

If you choose the full pay via PayPal, you may qualify for PayPal Credit, be able to participate in the program right away and pay NOTHING for 6 months! US Customers only

My Personal Happiness Guarantee

I want you to be absolutely thrilled with the value provided in this package. If for some reason, you aren't 100% happy with the value of this package, all you have to do is let us know within thirty days of your purchase and we will issue a full refund.

*One Time Setup Fee is Non-Refundable

"In the couple of months that I've worked with Linda, my business has improved tremendously.

I am more confident and love my business again."

Doris Elksnis Director

"Linda, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you. You have a lot of wisdom and you know what tools to use in any situation.

You are a great coach and I appreciate you!!!"

Debbie Edwards Entrepreneur

Are You Ready To Get Started So You Get More Clients, Have More Time and Live the Life of a RockStar Coach...

Or Do You Have A Few Questions?

I want you to feel excited, certain and completely comfortable before joining us!
So I'm sharing some of the common questions I get asked.

This sounds so amazing. Yet I'm still wondering if I should do this right now since I'm in overwhelm with so many things in my business.

What if I've been struggling for years in my business? Will this work for me? 

I am hopelessly unorganized. Do I have a chance with NutShell?

My business is still pretty small. Do I need this?

I already have another system. I'm not sure if I need this one. How can I tell?

What about mindset. I know that sometimes I get in my own way. Can you help with that?

How do I get started?

What types of payment do you take?

I'd like to get organized but I'm technologically challenged. I'm uneasy about learning to use software.

I don't have time to learn a complicated program or spend hours on training.

In our unlimited coaching sessions, can I get help with other technology, like creating webinars or setting up my shopping cart? 

What are the system requirements for NutShell?

What if I have more questions?

"NutShell has been such an answer to a prayer. It has made things so much simpler.

Linda is an 'angel' herself. She puts up with me and my questions and always is there for me.

Thank you so much! This product is well worth it!"

Deana Dunn Entrepreneur 

Special Offer for a Limited Time!

4 Monthly Payments


Full Pay

NutShell runs on any version of Windows: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP

NutShell also runs on Apple computers.  

If you choose the full pay via PayPal, you may qualify for PayPal Credit, be able to participate in the program right away and pay NOTHING for 6 months! US Customers only

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